[penangpac] 16 Pasar Malam

#Show 1 : 19th October 2018 @ 8:00 PM
#Show 2 : 20th October 2018 @ 3:00 PM
#Show 3 : 20th October 2018 @ 8:00 PM (Invitation Only)

Venue: Stage 2, Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)

Event Type: Musical Comedy


A young girl, Xiao Wei who is keen on stage performance helps her brother who suffers from dengue fever taking care of the stall in the night market. Just a few days in the night market, dramatic things are quietly staged. Here in the night market, Xiao Wei knows and falls in love with a good-looking boy, Ah Bing who runs a fruit stall business, meet once a master of romance, Ah Mei, a boy, Jun Kai who has butlers but sells paintings in the night market, a bold man, Ah Hao who loves Ah Mei deeply and a woman, Ah Ling who waits for her husband and son coming home everyday. Even though being blamed by her family, Xiao Wei can’t help but addicted to stage performance and participates in *a* stage show organised by the school. With limited time left, Xiao Wei keeps practicing while taking care of the stall. Putting so much effort in, will Xiao Wei be able to perform on the stage that she loves so much? Will Ah Bing accept Xiao Wei’s confession? Let’s experience Wei be able to perform on the stage that she loves so much? Will Ah Bing accept Xiao Wei’s confession? Let’s experience the life in the night market.

一個熱愛舞台表演的年輕美眉-小薇因為哥哥患上骨痛熱症而代替他到 pasar malam 看顧檔口。短短幾天的夜市人生,極其戲劇化的戲碼卻悄悄地上演著。小薇在這裡認識並喜歡上了一個經營水果攤的帥哥阿彬、遇見一個曾經叱吒風雲縱橫情場的阿梅、一個擁有管家卻在夜市賣畫的男孩俊凱、一個深愛著阿梅的豪邁男阿豪還有一個每天盼望著丈夫和兒子回家的玲姐。備受家人責怪卻又對表演無法自拔的小薇因參與學校的舞台劇表演而選擇在顧檔的時候抓緊時間多加練習。付出了那麼多,小薇是否能夠在他們的協助下如願踏上她最愛的舞台呢?阿彬是否能夠接受小薇的表白?夜市人生,讓你細細品嘗。

Seorang gadis muda, Xiao Wei yang berminat dalam bidang persembahan terpaksa menggantikan abangnya yangmenhidapi demam denggi dengan menjaga gerai di pasar malam. Hanya dalam beberapa hari di pasar malam, perkaraperkara yang dramatik berlaku satu demi satu.


AGE LIMIT: 12 years old and above with VALID ticket.

LANGUAGE: Chinese and English (No subtitles).

LATECOMERS: Entry for latecomers will only be allowed at appropriate intervals during the performance, at the discretion of penangpac staff.


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  • 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing seats.
  • No cancellation or changes allowed once ticket sold.
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  • Lost or damage ticket(s) will not be entertained.
  • Strictly NO photo, video and audio recording is allowed.
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