Purchase via Internet / Webstore


  • VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron cards (provided the issuing bank has covered the card by the 3D-Secure system) are accepted
  • You will be asked to insert the controlling code when using your card. The control code is also called the CVC (Card Validation Code) for MasterCard and the CVV (Card Validation Value) for Visa. The CVC is a three-digit code and it is printed on the back of the card in the signature stripe (the last 3 digits). Please do not put any gaps in the card number.
  • The tickets may be purchased by the Credit Card owner only.
  • There will be a Booking Fee of RM10.00 for every transaction. You are only allowed to purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction.
  • Once you have completed a transaction, an ‘Order Confirmation’ email will be sent to the email address provided, informing you that the order has been accepted.
  • Once the payment has been charged to your credit card, a ‘Payment Confirmation’ email will be sent to you within 1 working day from ticket purchase

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience difficulties or are unsure if your transaction is successful, please DO NOT repeat your order or perform another transaction. Kindly contact us at +6 03 7880 7999 or [email protected] immediately.

When you purchase a ticket on-line, you can select one of the following delivery methods:

Pick-up at the venue:

Purchased tickets will be given only to the person stated in the contact address / address for delivery. Please present your ID and the Credit Card used in the transaction for verification purposes when collecting the tickets. Tickets can be collected at the venue Box Office 2 hours before the event starts.

Courier: (This feature is available for selected events)

5 days prior to the event at the latest if the tickets are to be delivered within Malaysia and 14 days prior to the event at the latest if the tickets are to be delivered abroad.

E-TICKET (This feature is available for selected events) 

An E-Ticket is an electronic ticket that is available when you purchase tickets online for selected events only. You can download and print the ticket at home or wherever you have access to a printer.

Each E-Ticket has a unique QR Code which will be checked by a PROTICKET QR Code Reader before the client is allowed to enter the venue. After the QR Code has been read the ticket cannot be used again. Admission shall only be allowed to the first holder of the ticket that is presented for scanning by the QR Code reader. Any attempt to present the ticket or a copy of it again, regardless of who presents the ticket, will be disregarded, and entry shall be refused. Please ensure that the E-ticket is printed out before you attend the event. There will be a fee of RM 5.00 if you require the E-ticket to be printed at the box office / venue.

How to print an E-Ticket:

When the payment has been charged to your credit card, you will receive a ‘Payment Confirmation’ email with a link to download and print the E-Ticket. Once logged in, click “Download E-Ticket”

A PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) is required to view and print the E-Ticket

Once printed please keep the E-ticket in a safe place. Proticket shall not be held liable for any difficulties caused by unauthorised copying of the E-TICKET.


M-TICKET (This feature currently disabled for maintenance) 

A M-Ticket is an mobile ticket that is available when you purchase tickets online for selected events only.

In the case of buying M-Ticket

Tickets must be purchased at least three workdays before the event takes place.

M-TICKET is a 2D code in the mobile phone that will be checked by a data reader after it is shown upon entering the venue, and based on this the ticket holder will be admitted to the event.

After the ticket is read, the 2D code can no longer be used. Entrance will be admitted only on the basis of the 2D code that is shown and checked by the data reader first. In case the 2D code will be shown again, entrance to the event will not be admitted, regardless of who showed the ticket.

Attention: Only for Malaysia cellular networks.

To order an M-Ticket, it is necessary to provide a mobile telephone number with the country code for the Malaysia (+60) followed by mobile number. Ex: +6 012 345 6789

It is also necessary to know the type of your mobile phone when ordering.

The M-TICKET service is available only for selected events. If this option is permitted, the feature will be automatically offered to the user in the course of the purchase.

TICKETPRO is not responsible for any difficulties caused by unauthorized copying of this ticket. The ticket must be kept in a safe place.

For the entire transaction, the amount of RM 10 is charged for delivery via M-Ticket

In the case of payment via the internet using a credit card the purchaser will receive the following confirmation e-mails

  1. An “Acknowledgement of the receipt of the order” will be sent after successful completion of the order.
  2. A “Payment confirmation” will be sent following the payment.

The confirmation e-mails are sent to the e-mail address given in the contact address (address for delivery). If the address is given incorrectly or technical problems occur on the side of the user, PROTICKET shall not be held liable for the non-delivery of these e-mails.